Flexify.IO — The Multi-Cloud Storage Solution of Choice

3 min readMay 6, 2021


In an age when enterprises are migrating their data to online environments, the use of cloud systems has become widespread. Amazon ushered in the new era with their innovative Amazon Web Services, followed by Microsoft with their Azure. The number of vendors on the market has grown since, but so have the risks of lock-ins.

The risks of lock-in for companies bound to a single service provider in cloud storage environments have become acute. The answer to the issue was the development of a new approach to cloud vendors. Called multi-cloud, it involves the use of several cloud computing and storage services within a single corporate architecture, thus providing clients with a broader choice of providers. The approach is largely intended to reduce the risk of lock-in and expand functional opportunities while mitigating the risks of storing data within a single repository.

The types of object storage solutions available on the market are divided into four main categories. Public Clouds that offer massive amounts of publicly available space. Private Clouds that restrict access via the use of firewalls and best suited for corporate environments. Hybrid Clouds that combine the aspects of public and private clouds with seamless interaction best suited for large businesses. And Community Clouds that rely on collaborative, multi-tenant platform architectures, allowing companies to share applications and data.

Though highly demanded, the use of multi-cloud is marred by issues of integration faced by companies resorting to such architectures. The most common problems include lengthy transfer times, high costs associated with data transfers between such systems, the amount of technical expertise and staff training required to successfully and efficiently manage multiple cloud services, and the difficulties of consequent hopping between providers.

But the issues of multi-cloud storage can be easily solved by resorting to the right service capable of coordinating and streamlining the process. Flexify.IO is the world’s first cloud storage virtualization and migration service designed to help businesses with building cloud-agnostic solutions by simplifying migration and avoiding dependency on a single cloud storage provider.

Flexify.IO merges the data and presents it to the client’s application as a single S3-compatible virtual bucket and helps with transitions by allowing customers to deploy their S3-compatible applications to Microsoft Azure with no changes to the code. Flexify.IO ensures full transparency and maximizes throughput, eliminating downtime during migration and thus increasing the overall efficiency of using multi-cloud solutions. In addition, Flexify.IO allows clients to change cloud providers at any time, reduce overall storage costs and take advantage of the many highly competitive offers of various cloud storage providers.

Apart from ensuring a seamless transition experience, Flexify.IO offers clients a broad range of partners to choose from, including Google, Microsoft, and many others, thus diversifying the approach and minimizing risks of data storage. Flexify.IO works on a transparent and client-oriented basis, providing convenient tariff plans and the flexibility of fully entrusting clients the transfer of their data, or conducting a manual migration.

Resorting to a multi-cloud environment is a modern, convenient and low-risk solution for corporate data storage, and Flexify.IO is the most reliable part in making the transition efficient and cost-effective as a long-term investment.





Flexify.IO is the world’s first cloud storage virtualization and migration solution. We help business building cloud-agnostic solutions by simplifying migration